RA Matters

RA Matters

Exploring what matters most to people living with RA

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RA doesn’t just affect one aspect of someone’s life, it affects almost everything. Watch the introduction animation to see the importance of the RA Matters project and its findings.

RA vs Everyday Life
The RA Matters project discovered how RA impacts people’s daily life both physically and emotionally.

RA vs Love and Family
The RA Matters project uncovered how RA affects people’s relationships with their loved ones.

RA vs Work
The RA Matters project highlighted that the physical and emotional burden of RA is a major professional barrier.

We are giving people with RA the opportunity to tell us, in their own terms, and in their own words, exactly what it is that matters most to them.

Neil Betteridge

Patient Representative

“People with RA have a lot to bring to that conversation themselves”

Neil Betteridge, patient representative shares his thoughts about the need to understand more about the quality of life for people with RA.

Clare Jacklin, Director of External Affairs at NRAS, discusses how healthcare professionals can utilise the video reports from the RA Matters survey.

Professor Rieke Alten, Consultant Rheumatologist, shares her thoughts on the RA Matters project from a clinical perspective.

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