I'm Fine, Are You Really?

The story of Jane

We know that people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often don’t reveal the true impact of their condition to their Rheumatology Specialist Practitioner.

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It’s ok for patients to admit they aren’t “fine”.

Watch Jane's experience of what it's like living with RA.

“I relate to the story of Jane, I can see her daily struggles, how everyday activities in life are extremely difficult.”

Donna who lives with RA. Watch her video to hear how the condition affects her day-to-day.

“Most of the outcomes we choose are very medical... wouldn’t it be very interesting to take [quality of life based targets] on when we’re thinking about how treat-to-target could really work.”

Professor Iain McInnes, rheumatologist. Watch his video to hear how he approaches treating RA patients

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