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Response Nurse Forum highlights

Catch up on the highlights from the sessions at last year’s forum

The Lilly ‘Response’ Nurse Forum was developed following consultation with a group of nurse advisors and is specifically tailored to address gaps in current education for RA nurses and be of practical value within the clinical setting. The theme for the inaugural 2017 event was ‘storytelling’ which reflects how stories can be a powerful tool in sharing experiences to build rapport and explain difficult concepts. As the rheumatology pathway continues to evolve with new treatment options emerging, it becomes even more important to enhance conversations with patients and peers. The Forum programme was designed to provide nurses with practical education in these areas.

The Forum was attended by approximately 73 nurses from across the UK, who participated in an interactive programme of workshops, panel discussions and breakout sessions, with plenty of time for discussion.

This year’s Chair, Alison Kent (Rheumatology Nurse Manager/Independent Nurse Educator, Salisbury) provides an overview of the 2017 Forum.

Alison Kent introduces the Response Nurse Forum 2017

The following videos were recorded at the Forum over the two days. The Speakers provide a summary of the highlights of their presentation and the key takeaways that can be applied to clinical practice

Response Nurse Forum Highlights 01

Cathy Boys and Kate Hardy share the highlights on their session ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis The Basics: far from a simple story’

Response Nurse Forum highlights 02

Clare Jacklin from NRAS talks about the session on Unmet Needs in RA, where they interviewed an individual who had been living with RA for 5 years

Response Nurse Forum highlights 03

Colin Beevor shares the highlights on his workshop ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis, a Game of Life’

Response Nurse Forum highlights 04

Karl Nicholl talks us through his session on baricitnib and the JAK/STAT

Response Nurse Forum highlights 05

Peta Heslop and Sandra Robinson discuss their workshop on Treatment Optimisation and the importance of communication with the patient

Response Nurse Forum highlights 06

Ruth Slack and Phil Baker share the key takeaways from their session on ‘Support and Self-management’ in RA.

I think what really stands out with this particular meeting is the diversity of the methods they are using to share information, the storytelling and getting real life perspectives of how disease affects people

It is especially useful that when a new drug comes out the information comes from colleagues then at least we can understand it at our level. So I think it is great that Lilly have thought about that

They are not just patients, these are people with beliefs and hobbies and feelings and I think that really stands out in this meeting

Alison Kent reflects on the Response Nurse Forum 2017


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